Come Learn Basic Hawaiian – June 19 6 pm San Diego, CA Hui o Hawaiʻi 752 Grand Ave, Spring Valley

Want to be able to:
 Converse in Hawaiian?
 Live Hawaiian values?
 Participate in Hawaiian protocol?
 Connect to your Hawaiian heritage?

Join Basic Hawaiian originator and Hawaiian language authority Kū Kahakalau, Ph.D. for a free, two-hour, interactive WORKSHOP and TRAINING
on a fun, new way to learn Hawaiian language and culture.

Come and find out how BASIC HAWAIIAN can help you learn Hawaiian language, values and cultural practices any time, any-where, using your computer, iPad or iPhone.
All you need is the desire to learn and a few ʻohana or friends to practice with regularly.

View the flyer at the link in bold (below) for more information. Contact Shalee K. Kekawa at if you have any questions.

Pupu’s to be served and anything you want to bring to share is appreciated.

Basic Hawaiian Tour Flyer 2015

2015 Prince Kuhio Art & Essay Contest


ʻAhahui Kiwila Hawai’i o San Diego invites you to compete in the 4th annual

Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole Piʻikoi

Art & Essay Contest

‘Ahahui is proud to announce the 4th annual Art & Essay contest in honor of our Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanian’ole. This contest is an excellent opportunity for students from ages 5-18 to learn about the “Cupid Prince” and apply the things that they have learned and the importance of his lifeʻs work for the Hawaiian People.

There will be 3 categories that you may enter which are Art, Essay and Hual’auana/Hula kahiko/Mele. 5 judges will review the entries that are submitted and the winners will be announced at the Prince Kuhio celebration luncheon that will be held on March 21, 2015.

Each keiki that enters the competition will be asked to present their entry at the celebration luncheon. Prizes will be awarded by the judges at the celebration luncheon.

 Please see the links below that take you to the rules of the Art & Essay Contest as well as the link to the application that must accompany the contestants entry.



Pomaikaʻi to all of the contestants!



AKHSD 2015 Leihulu Schedule



January 25, 2015 Sunday 0900 to 1:30 pm

February 22, 2015 Sunday 0900 to 1:30 pm

March 29, 2015 Sunday 0900 to 1:30 pm

April 26, 2015 Sunday 0900 to 1:30 pm

May 24, 2015 Sunday 0900 to 1:30 pm

June 28, 2015 Sunday 0900 to 1:30 pm

July 28, 2015 Sunday 0900 to 1:30 pm

August 30, 2015 Sunday 0900 to 1:30 pm

September 27, 2015 Sunday 0900 to 1:30 pm